For over 15 years, Microwarehouse has built and kept its name as the leader in bringing digital lifestyle and networking products to Filipinos. As a consistent industry pioneer, our company has cemented its reputation of effectively recognizing brilliant and exceptional products, efficiently distributing and marketing them extensively, and making it readily available to consumers, if not raising its popularity in the market. With a long history of rewarding operations and established partnerships, Microwarehouse has been honored with selected exclusive distributorships and an impressive array of awards and recognitions since its inception such as the "Fastest Growing Distributor" in 1998 and "Distributor of the Year for South Asia" in 1999.

As a spin-off of Micro-D International, another industry leader in information and communications technology, Microwarehouse was established in June of 1995, armed with the brave idea of bringing then-newfound innovative digital technology to emerging enthusiasts by expanding distribution channels toward the growing local digital market. With its humble beginnings of only 12 people and with 3Com networking products, Quantum hard disks, and Wyse dumb terminals as initial offerings to the high-tech marketplace, our company steadily expanded and grew in the next few years, acquiring coveted and well-known brands such as Palm, Linksys, Cisco, HP, iHome, Powerbag, LG Phones, Blackberry, and Apple to name a few. By establishing excellent marketing, training, technical, and logistical support all over the Philippines and strategically placing trade locations in key areas in Manila, Metro Cebu, and Davao, Microwarehouse built a very strong and loyal base of partner resellers nationwide. With this comes the commitment of exclusively supplying a nationwide distribution channel of retailers and resellers with effective digital lifestyle solutions, catering to a progressive market that only demand the very best.

As Microwarehouse continues to thrive and maintain a solid image of being the unbeaten, award-winning provider of hi-tech solutions, there also comes a growing need to streamline and put great care and proper focus on each of the brands in our expanding and extensive portfolio. In line with this, our brands are now divided into proper channel segmentations, creating three, brand-emphazised companies namely Moduvi for Digital Lifestyle, Mobicel for Mobile and Connected Devices, and SwitchWare for Networking Solutions. These companies now serve as the official Philippine distribution and marketing arm of Microwarehouse, who now operates in Hong Kong - one of the world's leading international financial centers with a well-established transportation and logistics infrastructure. With this new setup, operations are more comprehensive, focused, and efficient especially in logistics and finances. Also part of Microwarehouse's continued innovation is AirTime Loader or ATL, a company dedicated in creating consumer applications and solutions, perfectly enhancing and complementing our customer's digital life.

At present, Microwarehouse continues to stay true to its reputation in bringing highly innovative and future-ready products to Filipinos, and we are looking forward to start building new relationships with partners who are ready to make it happen.